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Originally Posted by HellsAlien View Post
Resurrecting this thread 'cause the ol' XR is now resurrected, operational and hoiking wheelies in a straight line again, hoy!

Now, off to baja with it where the beatings will continue until my riding improves!

Sweet !!! glad to hear you got it ready for the next episode. XR's are kinda like the old Timex commercial. However I can't remember actually licking mine, but it does keep ticking. I got mine straightened out and put back together two weeks ago. If you add up the price of parts and labor for all three of us that was one expensive ride. Your turn AJ...get that Orange thing back on line.

Have a great winter Hells and get a Sunburn for the rest of us while we Rust !! See ya next Spring...
Does this look Swollen?
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