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More CRF 230L suspension

Thank you for the nice comments folks! Byron, thank you for your comments as well as your business! We think that the new CRF shock is a good option as it is right up the center of our expertise here at Cogent. Byron's shock is a 1 off custom but was built based off of a comprehensive analysis of the OEM shock, wheel rates and our customers needs and experience. We are very selective about how we setup a shock and beyond the calculations and design consideration, customers preferences and perceptions of the suspension performance is foremost in our design criteria. I know that for me, I need to spend time with a setup, not just through differing lading and terrain but even through different moods that I may have before I am willing to accept my own satisfaction. If a good level of interest develops, we would be interested in doing some kind of group buy with special incentives for the participants. We would want to be sure to get good feedback from the participants and assure that each customer is fully satisfied with their personal setups. With that accomplished, Cogent Dynamics would add the CRF shock as a standard product. The list price for one of these standards would be $625, $30 more than the Moab shock with the same features. Once the production numbers became inline with the Moab, the pricing would technically be the same. Unfortunately, with the cost of our parts (all made in the USA by motorcycle enthusiasts) the Moab is likely to see a price hike anyhow since it has been at the same price for about 5 years.

The OEM rear shock is revalvable and rebuildable but is not really designed to be so, causing some compromises in doing so (namely the addition of a fill port and the crimped in separator piston). Having said that, fitting a new spring to the OEM shock is something we can do with no trouble. Revalving the shock is no real problem at about $200. Once we start talking about adding a rebound adjuster (much as we do to the DR650 shocks) I feel it is more cost effective to replace the shock as a unit since with revalve, rebound adjuster and a new spring would total over $500 with parts and labor.

I appreciate all of your comments.
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