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As best as I can tell, they were testing in the Stoddard Wells area, south of Barstow. There are no roadbook routes in that area as far as I know, though both Quinn and Johnny have asked me to make something there. And I'm not aware of Johnny using my roadbooks during this recent testing. So, my guess is they were not following any roadbook. Also, that area is torn up pretty well, with tons of whoops in some places. It's probably a good place to stress the bikes, which is what I thought they were doing.
What I find astounding is the information on the van in the back of this photo. It looks to me that HRC (assuming via EFI mapping) can dial up and down the engine power. Some interesting details as well. Look at the notation of the slimmer fairing, perhaps as a result of a different navi structure (pure speculation on my part), all interesting stuff.

39kw, 41kw, 43kw, 45kw, interesting to see how they are testing the different settings, I suppose for durability assuming HRC has the same quick turnaround they would in MX or GP.

I can't tell what the sheets are on the right of the van, but perhaps a short riding loop where a full roadbook is not necessary.

Click for full size photo to see what I'm talking about...
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