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Originally Posted by S_Palmer View Post
Can any of you old hands share some info on the routes? I downloaded the tracks but it would be great to know, attractions, skill level required, anything that shouldn't be missed etc.
As of a couple weeks ago:

  • Saline Valley to hunter mountain - Easy very N00B Friendly.
  • Hunter Mountain - Easy same as above
  • Hidden Valley - Easy but some soft spots, can be a challenge to new riders on big bike. Last bit to Tea Kettle a little rough just slow down a bit.
  • Tea Kettle to Race Track - Pretty bad shape, number of washouts that come up suddenly. Have to be aware of this and ride accordingly. N00B friendly on 650cc and smaller, big bike doable just have to watch your pace.
  • Lippencott - pretty rough shape with some VERY tough downhill sections that are whooped out due to jeeps coming up. The long grind at the end back to Saline is cobblier and rockier than last year.
  • South Pass between Lippencott and Hunter MT - This was the worse of it, only one really bad section that was very tough due to losing all speed to make the sharp turns which are pretty close together.
Like all things in DV the conditions may change, a single pass from the grader would take are of S Pass, Lippencott will most likely remain a challenge well into spring.

Don't know if this helps much but I did the loop on a 990 and S Pass was the hardest part, followed by a few sections on Lippencott. I would NOT recommend this loop for a new rider regardless of what bike they are on. Better off making a right at Tea Kettle and heading to the crater and back via pavement. A new rider on bigger bike will most likely be spent by that point anyways. Distance for this loop is about 120 miles.

Of course you can always backtrack and go home via Hunter Mountain, yes it is that nice of a ride doing it in reverse is just as fun (assuming there is no snow). I figure the distance is about the same as the full loop.

Hope that helps.
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