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Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
Tires, round all around. Straight pipes to save from getting read ended. Headlight, set up and aimed to modulate against pesky squirrels. Be sure to put on a Gremlin bell, and rob some handlebar tassels from the kid's bike. Do you have a beanie helmet? Or can you borrow a tupperware bowl from The Domestic Associate?

Assert y'self with the nosey neigbors this weekend.

Seriously, it looks good. Whenever I change a tire/ repair a flat I check the tire pressure frequently with an accurate pressure gauge for a couple of days. Just to be sure.

Don't sweat the seat. This is what I used for a couple of weeks whilst I was awaiting for my Bill Mayer Seat. Teaches you humility, gets a lot of strange looks from the biking community. Teaches them to learn respect...

Have a great weekend!

LOL! Bill that pic is awesome - did you really do that? If you did, it makes me feel a lot better;)

No one is more paranoid about tires than i am;) I'll check them tonight to see if they lost any air from Wednesday, and then virtually constantly once I start riding. I've seriously thought about those wireless tire pressure monitors... we'll see.

no straight pipes for me - i'm using the EPCO peashooters I bought from wirewrkr:) they are more noisy, but not as bad as my harley nieghbor;) (who DOES wear a beanie helmet!;) )

I have a gremlin bell on my Honda Shadow that was given to me by a dear friend. I like the sentiment, but honestly I'm going to cut the clapper out of the bell - the little ringing when i hit bumps makes me think something is falling off the bike!:)
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