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Originally Posted by BobbySands View Post
Clement was my favourite at home and in the shop. I never had or knew of one that failed, but I know it can happen. You needed to be like Merckx and dump water on your tires as you descended!

When I was at the US Olympic Training Center in about 1989, they used a 3M product which I think was used for automotive trim--- somethingbond. It did fail more than once and the one time I was able to see the tubi afterward the adhesive had failed cleanly, staying with the tire but none of it remained on the rim.
i tried Fastak when it was the craze back then, but it didn't seem like it did as good of a job holding more than just the rim tape on, and didn't leave much stickiness available for the rare occasion that i had a flat and needed to swap in a pre-glued spare,... i never rolled a sew-up, but a housemate of mine did, and i didn't want to wait until it happened to me.

once i discovered Continentals and the matching Conti glue, the only other flat i ever had was due to a wood screw i picked up in a sidewall that no tire would have survived. (this sucker actually dinged a chainstay as it turned past it.)
Contis weren't cheap, but they rode like they were made for a God (which i certainly wasn't, though i appreciated the ride!). after using them for a while i had so much confidence in them that i wouldn't change them out until i saw cord, even if they looked like cheese graters.
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