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I have to comment on your post #995:

'My leaving was a 'suicide of sorts.'
'Things exist inside of me that didn't exist when I began.'

Many of us have a tickle/tingle, deep in our soul, and a want/need to follow 'it', but due to our fear, commitments, career, family, finances, or combination of all off them, DON'T! That tickle/tingle quite possibly is a total unknown (not a particular goal/achievement), but a want/need to find 'it'. Some of us have been tossed/kicked, out of our 'normalcy' and through a doorway into the unknown, with the landscape in front of us totally foreign. A 'suicide of sorts', but not by choice! A new journey begins and IF you embrace it, the new 'experiences' start changing the terrain in your spirit & soul. PLUS, it will allow you to now chase/follow that tickle/tingle and see where it leads you......IF you really want to find out!

I have to disagree with your quote above: 'Things exist inside of me that didn't exist when I began.'

Those 'new' things that now exist in you.........they were always there! They were just waiting for you to cultivate them and allow them to GROW! The 'experiences' of your trip did just that! It fertilized and nourished those seeds. There are many 'seeds' hiding inside of us, deep in the ravines of our soul, that will grow/blossom and quite possibly change our direction of our life, if allowed.
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