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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
All the Non-Harley brands that ride into The Harley dealerships around here (many of them sheepinshly parking around the corner) when they walk in after being greated thay get asked:

"What did you ride in on?"
No matter what their reply is it is usually followed by "Cool!... Where did you park? Let's go check it out"

Thats a way to get sales going, get to know the guys interests, riding styles and maybe use that to kinda match up a comparable bike. That person may only spend 10 bucks there but may know someone itching to pull the trigger on a bike and can sell to them.
I'll sit there kinda bs with a guy about different stuff before i make to move to deal on buying whatever, doesn't pay to walk up be a complete dick to save $100. bucks.
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