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Originally Posted by blaster11 View Post
So I went a head and bought some boots tonight, they were almost $200.00 off so I couldn't walk away even if they are red/white. I am mainly going to use them off road and they will get dirty and ugly so I didn't really care about the color. I think its only a couple of day sale on these so if you are interested you may want to move fast. This is one of the two I was looking at earlier.

Excellent choice dood. I got an incredible deal on the blue ones to match my cast. Here's a picture of my third cast on my second achilles rupture repair a few months ago. First rupture (complete) was back in June. Second rupture and surgery was in September, so I've lost five months and counting and two major dirt camping tours so far. I'm taking it a bit slower this time. Rushing the recovery with even one little dirt ride can cost you months or more. I don't know which is worse, bone and joint damage or major connective tissue repairs but your X-Rays and the scope of your injury is nasty! I do know that there isn't going to be much left for my surgeon to sew together if I rupture my right achilles again, so no more tennis for me.

I finally got back in shoes this week, but limping heavily. PT starts next week. I'll start staionary bike riding then as well, road bicycle riding in a month, street motos in a few weeks, dirt moto in about four months.

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