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Originally Posted by rjmorel View Post
Bummer about your glove and glasses. Any chance they may of fell off while riding down to Ushuaia. Or had you just taken them off to go into customs? Any crows around that may of wondered off with them for their nest :)))))) ?
I have a pair of brand new riding glasses with different tint lenses that I never use I can sent you for free. There like these if I remember right.
Thanks RJ,

First, They were gone after we got back from Customs which as less than 8-10 minutes. Gloves were tucked under GPS, No crows around..... Some wind, but I also followed the wind path way out and I know the glasses would have popped out had they fallen and rolled or blown. You kind of go through all the questions not believing that anyone would take them.

Thanks for the offer. I will get something here as shipping costs to here is really expensive!! Really appreciate the kindness!

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