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Couple Of KYMCO Questions?

For a variety of reasons I want to move from a motorcycle to a scooter. My current bike is an 09' 650 V-Strom. Wish I could keep it and add a scooter but that's not in the cards.

My intent is to get a scooter that will allow me to park my gas-hog truck and run errands around town. Maybe a couple of thousand miles a year. I originally planned on getting a newer Zuma 125 but then I thought I may want to head out on the highway for a 50 mile ride to the next town. But, my primary goal is the town errands.

I then decided a newer 400 Burgman might be the best to meet my needs. I decided to stop by a local motorsports dealer to look around and they have a couple of new 09' Kymco's. The dealership changed hands a few months ago and the new owners dropped the Kymco line.

They have an 09' Grand Vista 250 and an 09' Xciting 250. Both have been sitting for along time. The orange paint on the GV has faded. The salesman stated that they actually are still owned by the previous dealership owner and he's anxious to "get rid of them". He quoted me the "dealer cost" but said "make him an offer". I was thinking about offering them 1/2 of the dealer cost which would put my cost around $1500 to $2000. Maybe offer less.

I've got no knowledge of Kymco products. Would either of those bikes be as reliable as a Burgman. Maintenance costs, dealer network? Any issues with the bikes sitting for so long? I know a 250 will work well around town but what about that 100 mile round-trip?

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.
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