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Originally Posted by Dynamick View Post
RevChris is starting a Motorcycle Movie Night at Rocket to Venus. The first movie,"I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle" at 9pm on Sunday 12/16.
I am indeed, Thanks, Dynamick.
Hopefully this will be the first of many, as I've got a bunch of things I'd like to show, from bike-sploitation movies to moto travel documentaries. I'm aiming for once a month, so as not to overtax my attention span.
Anyways, I'll post future details here:, if anyone is interested.

Reedg01-- That's a good question about parking, and one I hadn't thought of (Imma walk there, so as to guiltlessly appreciate the delicious Natty Bohs I plan on drinking). Honestly, it might be tight, and you may have to filter through some 34th Street gawkers on the way there. RTV put up a big awning/tent thing out front, which makes parking on the sidewalk more difficult, and there will probably be some of Baltimore's finest nearby, directing traffic, who may or may not appreciate creative parking solutions. Ultimately, it'll be catch as catch can, but all I can promise is that Things will be different after Baltimore elects me King of Parking.
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