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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
Okay, so I'm just rambling here, but bottom line having experience riding to and even past the limits of grip in one set of circumstances doesn't necessarily tell you how much grip you have in a different circumstance. Falling down on my dirtbike in wet grass isn't necessarily going to tell me how hard I can lean my big bike on asphalt.
I vote with viverrid, as that has been my experience too. But I can say that after days on end in sub 40 degree Alaskan drizzle aboard a KTM 950 with TCK80 DOT Knobbies; you eventually find a comfort zone that is much faster than the first day. You also learn that riding over the center line in the turns can give you an unnerving little slip. Even on simple downshift!

But alas, just a small slip since it catches past the paint.
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