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After reading the thread I'm still trying to understand the cause. If there's a bladder then there is no contact with fuel to the outer shell so it's not the Ducati problem where the ethanol causes the tank to develop bulges. If it's expansion then it would be easy to reduce the volume of the bladder or adjust the shape to allow a little clearance. If it's stress related fracture due to vibration etc then why wouldn't it be beefed up a bit in the areas where they crack? So what's going on here?
I personally think that it is in the casting of the outer case. If temps and or mix is not right, the areas that will give in first, are the areas of stress....... Which is the extreme angles. I have not heard of any other cracking except those. Hard angles. Why some do and some don't , only explanation I can come up with is just inconsistency in production. I though for sure that cooking my tank in the hot desert southwest would have killed mine. But nothing. Got mine back in 2009. Many in ethanol areas are reporting no cracking. So it is not that either. There are no patterns, and with such, I claim inconsistent casting.

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