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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
that's a nice homemade tool!

a trick i see shops doing is leave the fork cap on (this creates some tension on the fork rod so it's less likely to move) and hit the lower bolt with an air gun. this spins out the bolt faster than the inner rod can spin and the bolt comes out w/ oil too. to re assy, the just use the air gun to put it back in.
of course they've done it enough to have the right touch, but the 1 guy I talked to said it would very hard to strip out the rod unless you just sat there and keep hitting the bolt constantly. He just stops putting it in when it feels tight and he's been doing it for over 30yrs.

procycle has the holding tool for $30 if people don't want to build there own
You can also make a damper rod holding tool out of PVC pipe. Just notch it to hold.
Also ... No air tools? (like me) Put allen wrench in place at fork bottom, whack it with a hammer whilst holding damper rod. Breaks loose easy, comes right out. I've even done exactly this without using a holding tool but with top cap in place. Depends how tight it is.
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