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The photo is of an H1 HID lamp of unknown Kelvin color. Has the lamp, igniter or the ballast gone bad? None of us here on the site can tell you which has failed.

Some things to try;

1- Check all connections in the HID circuit.

2- Connect your bike battery to an automobile battery with jumper cables and turn on the headlamp.

3-If a battery charger is connected to the bike, remove it before turning on the headlamp. Some battery chargers are not well regulated and may not allow the ballast to cold start the lamp.

You'll have to repair by substitution if none of the above work.

BTW, don't touch the HID lamp. If you do, clean the lamp with alcohol.

I have some very old HID sets that still perform like new. These things usually last for 5000 hours with normal care.
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