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I was getting pretty tired from being up almost 24 hours. I finally found my way to the rocks and knew I only had twenty five more miles of crap to slog through. I passed a rider who was resting, and then another stopped but showing a thumbs up. I came to the rocks and charged up as best I could passing a truck that moved over on a narrow up hill. I didn’t see another rider until I came around a corner and spot a Japanese guy reclining like he was on a sofa under his bike flashing a thumbs up and a huge smile as he pointed to his gas tank? This all became clear a mile ahead when I come blazing around another corner and run across another Japanese guy carrying a one gallon gas can and walking his bike through the deep sand and rocks. He flags me down and points to his number plate that says 271?X Chase. He asks how far to his bike and I tell him he is almost to his rider. He just says “Terrible” and bows and I move on.

OneTired Hombre

I know I am getting close and I can feel the end of this section. It seems like days but I finally get to the last few miles and up on to the plateau after the rock uphills and come blazing out to the Military Checkpoint. I see Brett on a bike and he waves me on to San Ignacio and our planned rider change.

I was hours overdue but I didn’t ever give a second thought to giving up. I managed to pull in to our pit after 249 miles before 8am. I spent ten hours on the bike in the dark and the fog. When I got off I was pinging! They tell me the interview I gave was over the top ridiculous and this picture pretty much sums it up.

I gave the bike to Chris, pointed out that it needed a new air filter and new rear tire since there was a 21 inch tube in there and did the math. We still had a very good chance to finish if we just kept moving!

I planned for seven hours but barely managed fewer than ten (with all the flats) and am still proud I made it through.

I did try to sleep in the chase truck after getting off the bike but every time the truck would turn I would wake up with my hands on the imaginary handlebars trying to save the bike….. good times
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