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Originally Posted by ORIF View Post
I am a big Spies fan and was disappointed with his results last year. I witnessed all of the bad luck, mechanicals, and mistakes.

The bottom line is that he completely failed at what previous racers have said is Rule #1:

"First Beat Your Teammate".
Yeah but that's pretty hard to do when you have THAT much bad luck. I mean really so much bad luck that people were betting on what's going to go wrong next. Did he make some mistakes yes, that one race he started leading he got excited and binned it. In the other stuff though that's just not the same as him not trying, that's just what the hell type of stuff. Cards were not stacked in his favor at all and I would say 80% of last season was not his fault at all. Hopefully Audi will turn some stuff around and they'll get back to being competitive.

We'll see.
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