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Bought a '00 in Oct of '99. Got it for daily transportation only. Sitting in the garage with 49,000 on the clock. All my doing.
Originally Posted by wayne_l View Post
i have a 91 and 2001 both with about same mileage 33k both died same miserable death , ran lean ,got hot, fried exaust cam and bearing caps .. And you cannot just replace cam bearings you have throw away whole head ..because the caps and head are built as one unit and the caps do not use replaceable bearings what a retarded design ...

so instead of being able to adjust cam runout with a bigger sized bearing it has to be thrown away completely ... Thats retarded ...
Starved for oil, probably the second most common catastrophic failure (doo the first). Can't blame lack of proper maintance on a bad design. You need to keep clean oil in it, they will last.

Bad design? Chrysler did it with the die cast clant six blocks. Old Ford CVH heads ran the cam directly on the casting. It's actually not that bad. And it is fixible if it really needs to be fixed. Damage isn't that different is you spun a bearing insert. Do you want roller bearings that spit a bunch of steel needles throughout the engine when they come apart? How about a set of bolt in cam towers that never line up due to tolerance stack up? There is never a perfect fix. But as long as fresh oil is kept in the engine it is capable of running a very long time.
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