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Your first post in this thread really says a lot. Values to be admired. Nice to see so much positivity here ... as opposed to that god awful KLR HP thread. Some real KLR haters showed up there ... true Trolls. Worst of ADV Rider. Your thread is the opposite!

I'm a DR650 rider but have owned two KLR's in the past (an '85 KLR600 and '98). I recently spent a couple hours on a buddies very well set up '09 KLR. It was a nice surprise. I like my DR650 (well modified) but I could easily be seduced by the much better looking KLR. (I prefer the NEW style).

Lots of temptation out there regards new bikes ... but I too must reduce debt and expenses. Any extra money ... and free time ... has to go into actually doing the riding, which to me ... is what it's all about. RIDE RIDE RIDE!! All the best with your new bike ! it's a beauty!
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