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Originally Posted by numbutt View Post
Ho-hum it must be winter in USA/north..threads are becoming mundane..!!.... thought id follow some others in disabling the sidestand switch...( in a slow quest to reduce ? the ocasional flame-out when racing to a stop )
Another inmate suggested a 1K to 3K resistor to repace the hall switch putting this resisror between the pink and black wires [ there are 3 wires going to the switch pink, black and blue ].
I did a few tests to ceate some understanding and what we have is a blue wire that supplies a regulated 5 Volts from the ECU to power the switch [ the switch is a Hall device [ linear response to a magnet ] coupled internally to a Schimdt trigger level detector that provide a snap action . [ hope im not boring anyone ]. Anyway, at ignition switch on, 5V is sent to blue and without the Hall connected the pink wire also reads 5 Volts. With the Hall switch in place and activated [ stand up ] the pink wire is locked down to 2.50Volts. Black is the earth wire or at earth potential [ 0 ].. I did a few tests to establish the ( voltage ) effect of adding the first mentioned resistor ''cheat '' to ''pull down '' the pink wire to about 2.5 Volts .

3.3K gives 3.02 volts
2.7K gives 2.78 Volts
2.2K gives 2.52 Volts [ test resistors between black and pink ]
1.8K gives 2.27 volts
1.5K gives 2.06 Volts
1.0K gives 1.6 Volts

After all this bull we must conclude that probably the best resistor to use is 2.2k { 2200 ohms } ...a standard value and i used a 1 watt metal oxide type [ most stable ] [ fortunately i carry many of every resistor 1 ohm ...1 Meg ohm at home so its an easy test !! ]
So after all that #&*@# , simply cut wires to stand above connector near shock, solder in 2.2 K ohms between Pink and Black, heat shrink it, then isolate and heat shrink off the blue so it cant short....and Bobs your uncle ....
Thanks for your writeup - very thorough and informative - I enjoy learning from posts like this.
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