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Just because there is SO much idiotnet 'data' out there that claims they don't filter as well as paper, I am going to repeat my opinion of the most important gain you get from using K+N's over stock paper filters: They filter a LOT better! I know of all the 'scientific' tests that prove the contrary but I know what I see. I see K+N's keeping air boxes and snorkel tubes a lot cleaner than paper filters. Some people have come back and have said that it is the dirt that you can't see and feel that K+N's don't filter well. Well, I am sticking with what I see and feel. Besides, you can look at the photos of those 'scientific' tests being done and see that the K+N's are being tested while perfectly clean with not near as much oil as they should have or barely any oil at all. Well, I can tell you that too: K+N's don't filter well lacking oil.
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