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Still not biting. I've seen the injector contacts corroded from leaky inj boot but never pitted from intermittent contact/arcing. Seems that their are locked on or no contact at all as the sponge gasket kinda ejects the plug. Anton's explanation is more plausible to me.

"Most common QD"
Can't say why so many were sold. Even more perplexed on why they were never recalled. Takes a few grams of pressure to open the valve. The few QD's that I've purchased were marine grade. Never had a problem. They have a collar which slides down to unlock, heavy spring acting on large ss ball sealing on fat Viton seals. Not that I'm recommending them. Challenger ought to make pp wary of all fuel o-rings, brilliant as Kubrick's work is.

Plenty satisfied here with pulling the Wix 33323 out of the front frame to free the fuel feed hose when pulling the tank.

OP, my old eyes are playing tricks. The cross over laying on the telelever had me fooled. CA fuel won't ignite even when you pour it on hot exhaust, guessing you have real gasoline :0)
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