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Lets give this a try. Testing, testing. 1,2,3. 3,2,1. Testing.

The SS Badger steam ferry that runs between Manitowoc, WI and Ludington, MI . The last steamer on all the Great Lakes. A real man's steamship made of iron and capable of swallowing semi trailers, windmill towers and originally, railroad cars. Two steam engines below deck churn out 3,500 horsepower each redlining at 125 rpm- right 1.2.5. rpm. and topping out at 18mph. Wrenches hang on the walls below deck ready to fix sumpin. Kind of the boat equivilent of a 7,000 ton Ural.

The Lake Express high speed ferry that runs between Milwaukee, WI and Muskegon, MI. The Miami Vice-type aluminum hulled, Hawaiian shirt wearin kinda ferry boat powered by four turbocharged Rolls Royce diesels pushin 12,000 horsepower that cruisies at 40 mph. Below deck I'm thinkin you'd find duck tape and quick set epoxy- no wrenches, not even JB Weld. It's got no soul whatsoever but it does honk on across the water. Kind of the ferry boat equivilent of a UJB crotch rocket.

Cal and Grusha the RPOC await entry into the belly of the beast.

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