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The comparison with the other KTM 350ís reminded me of something I had read on about the parts comparison with the XCF-W. We all know the Freeride engine was derived from the XCF but you might be surprised just how much of it is the same including piston, head, valve train and cams. In fact it is pretty much identical with the main differences being the intake and exhaust. Iíve had a look at my own Freeride and the exhaust is necked right down just as the header leaves the cylinder head.
Iím sure someone can get an XCF exhaust header and end can to fit if they were determined enough. Iím sure rally raid must have a pipe bender knocking about their shop somewhere. It would also leave room for the wee tank they have been toying with
they don't make 'em like they used to. which is a good thing really
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