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Originally Posted by blakken View Post
I have the freeride to the wife
I also have a 690 enduro r and adv 990r.
I was very skeptical to the power off the freeride but i thinking off to sell my 690 and get my self a freeride.
Its fantastic in the forest, and its a killer when i go and "freerides" ..
I just want litle more power!
Is ther any easy mods to get it more alive.

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I did the same thing Blakken. I bought one for the wife and now you can't get me off it. The only simple mod I know of is a re-map of the ECU which will take the bike from 24hp up to around 30hp. You should be able to find it covered earlier in this thread. After the ECU changes it looks to me like changes to the intake and exhaust system are required.

There is another good thread on here at

The Aussies have had the Freeride for a little while now and from what I've read they are about to start pulling them to pieces Watch this space for some useful info on how to make the bike more manly

I should add that not all bikes came with only 24hp. It depends where and when and where you bought your bike from
they don't make 'em like they used to. which is a good thing really
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