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Originally Posted by mendoteach View Post
Good info here Schultz. I especially like your recommendation to change oil weights first. It's easy and relatively cheap. Going to a heavier oil raises and steepens the damping curve. Lighter drops and flattens it. As for after market valving bodies,, the theory behind them is (Race Tech's anyway) that the shim stack should do almost all of the damping. If the bodies end up providing any damping, you end up getting essentially an orifice type damping (ancient tech). Works okay with slow speed damping, horrible with high speed damping. Think about whacking the end of a syringe with your hand versus pushing it slowly.

Thanks for the input! From what I understood back when I was working with that stuff more often the piston ports are the "end all be all" of oil flow as you describe with the syringe, even the gold valves will create the same condition if moved through there travel fast enough. Depending on your condition in theory If your experiencing too much High speed compression you can just drill the stock piston ports to a larger size and then adjust your shim stack accordingly to account for the higher volume of oil allowing to flow through the piston ports.

Just saying this crap for discussions sake not knocking the fine products over at race tech or the services your local suspension guy offers!

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