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Ok, the crank is out! I braced the case on some wood and tapped a deep impact socket (21mm) around it until it popped out. The socket clears the end and threads nicely but still fits through the bearing. I believe in the philsophy of 100 small taps vs 10 smacks, and it worked.

So here's my next question. The sludge trap screw does not appear to have ever been touched, but I thought the dimple to hold it in place is supposed to be by the groove. Maybe it doesn't matter? It will make it harder to tap out I suppose.

At this stage, I figure it makes sense to check the rod bearings, true? I'm assuming I should remove them before going after the trap? Other than making sure I keep each piece in order so they can go back the same way, is there any trick to the rods? I know there are these markings to make sure I get the ends back on the right way. Anything else I need to know before proceeding?

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