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Ive literally had 9 bikes (and ridden 5 more) in the last 8 months: TEs, DRs, DRZs, XRs, WRs Trying to find THE ONE

Ive ended up with a super built XR250-->300 kit, rev happy,non-dot, with $$ suspension for woods a plate for getting there and back AND a XR600R with a plate for "street", dirt rds, and such. It will do trails all day, just takes more work

The XR600 and WR250 weigh the same too!! I'll kick the shit out of it for x3 the power

I've only got $3k in both, which cost wayyyyy less than either of my single TEs. I LOVED the Huskies, but for my skill level, budget, and range of riding, I ended up with 2 bikes

Just find a way to make two bikes in your budget; blood bank, sperm bank, loans, girlfriends paypal account, whatever.
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