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Royal Enfield 350 help!

So i am the new owner of a 2007 Enfield that i got to ride in India. All has been going good for the past 300 miles or so but shes starting to make some bad noise. it seems when ever im in lower or mid RPM going up hill or just pulling back on the throttle she makes a klunk klun klunk noise. on flat ground at steady speed the sound aint there. wonderin if any one has had this and if it is piston slap or it need a new main baring or what. only ganna keep her for about 4 or 5 more weeks then offloading her and going home. Taking her to the shop in a few days but would like to see what others would have as advice so i can compare it to what the mechanic says (If he speaks English). any suggestions will help. Thanks guys!!!
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