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I picked up a clean Ď06 xt225 today so my son will go riding with me. Nice small light bike, my DR350 feels like a bloated pig in comparison. The tires could use replacing, the stock rear is 120/80, does that translate to Shinko 244 4.60? From reading some of the tire posts it sounds like sizes arenít the same from one manufacturer to the other, some posts mention 4.10 for this bike. Front should be Shinko 2.75 right?

Great year! I'm currently running 80/90-21 and 120/80-18 which translate to 3.1 and 4.7 inch widths. If I ran knobbies for more off road I wouldn't go any bigger but I run Pirelli A/T Scorpion MT90 front and rear (thanks again Dan Oaks) so one size larger should fit. At ~23k miles the rear tire is finally getting bald. Slightly longer legs would suit me fine so that's my Q1 plan. The front tire still looks good so I'll defer that. When I do a size larger may not quite fix the speedo but it should be closer to actual.

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