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Glad to have found this Tucson board!! Have the time off but already have Baja trip in the works. BUT - nice to see this stuff, and hope I can join another time! Still haven't made it to Big Bend and it's been on "the list" for a while now.

Originally Posted by SpeedySteve View Post
Ride Name: Big Bend Christmas Trip
Date: Departing December 23/24? TBD
Meeting time: 0600
Meeting location: Houghton parking area north of I10
Estimated Length of Ride: 12-14 days; December 23/24-Jan 5th
Difficulty: 1000 miles+ of dirt! 3,000ish total miles. Should be easy(er). I am riding a 600 lb bike with camping gear and food provisions
Notes: read below

Howdy Folks -

I'm in the midst of planning of a Christmas Holiday on the motorcycle. 6 days of vacation from work net me a total of 15 consecutive days off from work. Needless to say, I plan to spend those day living out of the motorcycle; the way a proper holiday should be spent . Right now, I don't have any companions on this trip . Even my SO is unable to take time off, so this is currently a solo trip. I apologize for the late posting given the potential magnitude of the trip. My original plans to Baja with a few buddies fell through due to scheduling and prep time. So, last weekend I start planning my backup trip, which is now my only trip, and the trip that I currently don't have any buddies tagging along with.

I have spent a fair bit of time researching routes and things to do. My goal is to get to Big Bend National Park area from Tucson using as many feasible dirt roads as possible. That is my reason for posting most of the daily routes with Bing Maps, they allow routing with smaller secondary/tertiary roads.

So, If you have a wide open Christmas break and want to tag along on a well planned trip - hit me up! I am a bit type A with planning, well, more like researching; while out on the trail I may deviate from the plan with knowledge of the surrounding area. I suppose the route doesn't deviate that much, but the timing may (you know how it is, finding fun alternative smaller dirt roads to the plan and spend more time exploring those and not really progressing along the planned route while the sun continues to set and you find a place a hundred or so miles from your planned destination for the night). This will be a cooler trip - I will be sporting heated gear. I also plan to tent most/all of the nights with the exception if a storm rolls through; in that case I will probably be in a hotel keeping dry / not snowy.

Anyways, this trip should be a good hearty chunk of hella fun man time. If you want to tag along for the whole route - yay! If you have time for a few days - great! Come out and have fun, then ride home to entertain the inlaws or whatever responsible grown ups do

Here is a link to the public dropbox folder that contains the word doc that acts as notes/itinerary and the good earth files that I will convert to .gpx format and toss on the GPS.

I have national forest maps for Lincoln National Forest in NM, Delorme Atlas & Gazetteers for NM and TX, AAA state maps, and a specific map for Big Bend. I am very much a bing sat map/google earth road researcher, so the entirety of the route thus far seems to be reasonably passable by bikes according to imagery.

The itinerary and GE files are works in progress. I hope to finalize the Big Bend trip research this weekend and update the dropbox folder with the latest itinerary and Google Earth files.

If you're interested in a Christmas motorcycle holiday, hit me up! All parties interested, we will meet in person December 21 or 22 to discuss any pending matters and to allow me time to discuss the objectives and details of the route. Of course, we can be in contact by email/phone beforehand to discuss whatever.


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