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The first thing I noticed was it didnt need as much throttle or clutch on take off. The bike can be ridden now in 6th gear under 3k without jerking and I can open the throttle with out down shifting and have it pull away. The surge the bike had at 55-60mph is gone. It pulls even all the way to red line and it gets their quick. I know what about the 20bhp? Well yea it has a lot more hp. I was playing around with it trying to get it to stumble or hiccup in second gear and chopped the throttle in second gear and then pinned it and almost took it over backwards. i have a app on my Iphone that will allow me to do a 1/4 mile time with hp but it needs to dry out and warm up some before I do this. I have been trying to figure out the fuel mileage but with the freezing temps is making it difficult. Ridding around town I was getting 38 and now its 42 so I know the mileage is better just not how much.

Nice work, thanks for writing it up. You got a lot of performance improvement for the money you spent. I'd be interested to know if the remapping disables closed loop operation and the BMS-K Adaptation functions.

Looking at the graphs, the AFR during the Dyno runs has gone from high-13s/low-14s which is pretty lean to mid-12s/low-13s which is pretty close to the Best Power mixture. Without know if any Spark Advance changes, the mixture shift alone should make pretty significant changes.

I didn't want to go the remap/rechip route and got the same benefits you described (mine is an 1150) by changing the stock O2 (14.7:1) to a Wideband O2 (set at 13.5:1-13.8:1). My cost was $170 for the Wideband kit. On a 1200 you would need two of them. I don't know if I got as much top horsepower gain as they claim but the rest of your description of performance and mileage sounds the same. I think I get 1-2 mpg worse mileage.

In either case, it's pretty impressive how well the boxer motor runs when you richen the mixture, eh?

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