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Onward and inward! Rods are off. Bearings and crank look good to me, but what do I know. No harsh scoring anyway.

I filed down a drag link tip to get the plug out.

Impact gun on low, and the plug came out, very slowly, but without too much cursing! And I found...(drumroll) Almost nothing!

A few soft oily lumps, but basically nothing. Some PB Blaster and compressed air and it looks like new in there. Air and oil comes out the bearing holes in full force, so here's a question: given the clean state of the trap, do I really need to tap and remove the tube? I imagine it will come out easily enough, given how clean it is, but I don't have the tap or proper bolt. I tried using a bent wire to catch the hole in the center, but no luck yet. any other ideas?

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