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Originally Posted by bp_josh View Post
How complicated is it to take the swingarm off and put it back on? Will I have to wrestle with the rear shock (compress it or something) to reassemble it? My bike lift is a floor jack with a piece of wood on it to go under the bash plate.

If I do take it off, I assume I should either re-grease or replace a couple parts while I'm in there right? What will need attention?

I want to paint it, but I'm trying to decide if it's worth the hassle.
Unless your swingarms badly scarred/scraped up, or you know you need to replace some parts in it, I wouldn't pull it just to paint. Its a dirt bike, its nice to have them look good within reason, but unlike a streetbike, they're going to fall over plenty, get scratched/scraped up from brush/tree's/rocks etc.
Plus your painted swingarm will scratch up and peel faster than you'd need to powdercoat it if you want to color it. If you want something pretty to ride that you can make look sweet, and keep it sweet, get a streetbike My streetbikes look xrl looks good, but I don't worry NEAR as much about its looks as my streetbikes.
Personally I'd get a couple of cool swingarms stickers, slap them on and be happy......thats what I just did
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