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The heart of the Bangkok beast

We finally land in the city of sin and clear through immigration and customs with relative ease. Thailand is tourist friendly so they make things easy. While Brian goes off in search of a taxi-bus Owen buys a stock of local beers for the very long trip to the hotel. We all crack a frosty and head off into the early-morning congestion of Bangkok.

Our hotel is the “Nana Plaza Hotel” which directly overlooks the actual plaza itself. This was forward thinking by Brian to ensure the shortest path between the heart of the beast and the hotel so that the early morning crawl home would be as painless on the knees as possible.

Bangkok is the place where seedy old men come to die in masturbatory heaven, the place where it’s difficult to distinguish between cockroaches and wierdo's...and what better place to take it all in then Nana Plaza. Pick any bar near the entrance to the den and sit there for hours watching the obscure hustle and bustle pass you as you suck on beers fuelled by lecherous barmaids. After we check in we go for breakfast at “The Busstop" nearby. Then someone (possibly Owen) suggests we have a few beers before a much needed nap.

40 beers later the six of us stumble out of the "Stumble Inn" crawling across the road to our suitably dodgy accommodation past the notorious “Lady Boys” that ply the pavements and tempt unknowing newbies. I slip into beautiful unconsciousness.

View from hotel room where it all starts...the Stumble Inn
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