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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
When I had more income and extra money for bikes I had a Sumo bike. Two actually. A KTM Duke ll, then a KTM Sumo (2002)

Great fun for hooligan antics and great on the twisty's. But totally useless for most of the riding I now do. I actually GO PLACES ... for days or weeks at a time. I rarely see SUMO's set up for touring. I struggled to strap a duffel on the back, so two to three days max and never two up.

And what do they do when the pavement ends? On my DR650 I just down shift and keep going. I'm an X flat tracker ... so I know how to slide around ... but get going too quick on dirt on a SUMO and you're going over the edge.

In the City for Hooligan fun they can't be beat. ... but thieves love them ... so watch out.
The fad is over ... has been for a while now. It's over in Europe too. DONE.
I still love the racing we have on our local Kart Track!

My old KTM Duke ll. Good but not great.
Wouldn’t a KTM Adventurer or BMW GS be better for long distance touring?
I ride my DR650 with 17” wheels more than any other bike I’ve owned. Usage of a particular motorcycle depends on geographical location and rider preference more than anything else. I wouldn’t trade my current set up for anything else (except maybe a sumo’ed KTM 690) . I think there will always be a place for supermoto type bikes, but I’ll agree it will never be a huge part of the overall motorcycle market.
As far as the fad goes there still seems to be a lot of ex-sportbike riders switching to supermoto, maybe a sign of the economy?
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