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Originally Posted by spanky View Post
Watched some of the talking heads last night and they're all agog over PM and the Broncos. Not me. Yep, they're good but too inconsistant offensively to be able to win on the road against a quality opponent.

Some caveats: They were missing key players on the O-line and linebacking corps. They [still] tend to play down to the level of their competition. In their defense they were playing on the road against a hated rival who had ample motivation to spoil the Broncos' record.

I marvel at how much talent the Raiders have on their team yet they remain a group of fuckups. Stupid penalties. Players out of position. Always underachieving.

Ten years since a playoff appearance and that was a SB butt whipping of epic proportions.

PM still throws stupid INT's.

But he also has lots of 300+ yard games.

And can throw the ball through the eye of a needle when he has to.

I think they'll need these extra days off in advance of a big game with the Ravens, a team the Broncos rarely do well against.

So, anayway, during last night's broadcast they kept showing images of Al Davis. This got me to thinking about him and what must be going through his dead mind as he watched the game someplace in hell. I'm thinking his version of hell is eternity in a small, orange-colored room with lots of photos of John Boy, Mike Shanahan, et al, on the walls.
I hope that is by design. Film study is everything in each week's preperation. Every player on every play is watched over and over by all future opponents. Its best to keep your cards close to your chest so-to-speak.
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