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Originally Posted by Pomo View Post
There are some interesting differences I noticed on the 2013s while I was sitting at the dealer:

  • The rear brake reservoir moved forward, right above the regulator. Definitely a less vulnerable location even without any sort of guard on it. I think they moved the charcoal canister as well, but I'm not sure where.
  • The regulator is now mounted facing downwards instead of out, and may be slightly more inboard of the frame rails.
  • The hose from the handlebar to the ABS block appears to be a little bit longer. Looks like you could probably mount a decent size bar riser without having to change it out or adjust it in any way. The rest of the cables looked pretty much the same length though.
  • Mentioned before but the bodywork is a lot different. The radiator shrouds seem a lot shorter/smaller and less "bloated" than the older style (or maybe I have a touch of BMW Acquisition Syndrome). The beak definitely looks shorter too.
  • The control pods on the handlebars are different, plus they have more buttons for ESA and stuff. I like the old style better personally.
Yes and don't forget the front reservoir is hard mounted now too.

If you want to mimic the rear reservoir placement (and you don't have the charcoal canister) you can do this:

It's just a (free they usually have them kicking around) bicycle seatpost reflector mount. I think it was the 28.0 size (?).
I used the hardware that came with it too. It's tuck in there perfectly. No guard needed. I've been running it there for just about a year now.
BMW must've seen the pics . No actually I think I saw someone else do it first with a more elaborate bracket and I got to thinkin...

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