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Originally Posted by old-n-slow View Post
No good deed goes unpunished. I ordered a rack for the Sherpa through Happy Trails, the simple tubular one, and when I took it out of the box it seemed to be exactly what I wanted, smaller and unobtrusive without looking like I was trying to haul a caribou on the thing. After multiple tries and following directions, trial fitting and pulling everything in the way off the bike, the rack just did not fit! The front mounts were way too wide, the through bolts coming nowhere near the bike's frame. I called Happy Trails and we went over the whole thing but it was just wrong. I sent it back and they were fine about it, no hassles from Happy Trails. But dang! I wanted that rack. Merry frickin' Christmas.

Old-n-slow, I would try the HT rack again. It's designed to be used with their SU racks. Without the racks, spacers need to be used to fill the gaps. I bought a set of used SU racks from a fellow in AZ. he didn't include any of the hardware (nice guy, huh?), but since I decided I would use the top rack as well, I ordered new relocating tabs for the turn signals and the hardware set for the racks. It took some doing to get the whole unit on, and only had one capscrew that is too short to be useful. It stripped the first two threads of the hole because it was so short. No significant damage, but it was frustrating... The HT took some wrangling, vice and pinch bar work, but in the end, its a heck of a nice rack!

TCI also make really nice racks, don't know about for the Sherpa, but I have the rack for the KLR, fit and finish are top drawer.
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