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Originally Posted by MeinMotorrad View Post
That Fiat Panda 4x4. These cars are pretty damn good off road and in the snow, they can keep a Land Rover honest!

Can't agree about Ford diesels though - the fewer diesel engines in the world the better.

I can't remember what your plans are for winter. How are you going to avoid the european winter. Fly to India or somewhere maybe?
I would love to try a panda in the snow.
It depends on the application and the fuel but diesel engines are much more efficient if done correct. It is much easier to make bio-diesel then it is to make a bio-gasoline alternative. The fact that they don't even offer a diesel in the US is why I bring it up.
I'm going to spend 4 months snowboarding in the mountains of Georgia. I will be trying to learn some Russian, getting visas and prepping the moto for Siberia in the spring. I hope to be renting a place by mid January. At this point it will be another type of Ride report for a few months.
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