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Originally Posted by sorebutt View Post
The 800 suspension is plush compared to the KLR. I think it is plenty good for most people and their riding styles. The problem all suspensions have is they are designed for "average weight" riders. They might need upgrade if you are really heavy, ride with a passenger, or heavy loads. You might also need an upgrade if you are riding the bike like you think it is a supercross bike.

The front end will dive if you brake really hard on pavement. Stiffer springs will ride rougher off road. There are trade offs.

I think most people upgrade their suspension because they read about others doing it and think that it will make them a better rider. After spending big bucks on new suspension people are going to brag about how much it helps rather than say they wasted money. I've upgraded suspension on bikes because of failure of OEM parts. It did improve the ride, but not worth the price of replacing OEM that didn't have a problem. It is kind of like people putting on after market exhaust and bragging about how much power they gained when dyno testing show very modest gains if any.
I hear what you're saying but in the case of the F800GS forks (not including the 2013s 'cause I haven't ridden those yet) the fork is under sprung and poorly valved. Yes the fork is plush but it rides too far in it's travel and blows through it's travel quickly on even moderately hard hits. This also contributes to the front rim getting dinged because it bottoms out too easily. I'm well within the target weight range and the fork was just not good in the dirt. Just talking braking bumps and potholes etc. here let alone rougher stuff that I get into. (I had also changed the fork springs on the KLR too).
I waited and waited for some susp. brand to come out with a middle ground between the spring option and the full on change and nothing came up so I finally got Hyperpro's progressive springs.

Massive difference!! Coming into the shop is a cobblestone section on the road. On the way in it was the usual chatter out of the fork with the old springs. On the way out with the new springs it was SMOOTH! I was very surprised. Not as much diving either and at high-speed the aforementioned stutter bumps and potholes are much better. Being progressive it doesn't trade off small bump compliance (proven to me on the cobbles) and it rides higher in the stroke, resists bottoming and works better all 'round. Absolutely a great improvement in my mind and I'd recommend it wholeheartedly!

That's my 2c!

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