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Stalling: 2013 F800GS is a dangerous position.

I have a 2011 F800GS with Remus Manifold and Exhaust.
In 8000 miles or so, I have had no stalling issues thus far.

My friend has a 2013 F800GS with about 1000 miles on it and she has had two stalling incidences, so far.
I asked her the specifics:
She said: First time. Went out to bike in morning. It was 60 dry. Bike would not start. She said bike was on its side stand. She turned the key on. The lights did their thing. (Paused.) Then hit the starter button and it would not start. She opened the gas tank. No sound of air. No vacuum sound. She closed the tank lid and the F800GS started without incident, and ran fine the rest of the day.

Next time it happened:
45 dry. Riding in traffic, in third gear. Approaching a red traffic light, she pulled in the clutch, with the intention of shifting down to neutral, to wait out the light. The bike sputtered and acted like it was going to stall.
She told me she put the bike in first and rolled on the accelerator to keep the bike from dying. Pulled in the clutch at the light and had the RPMs up so the bike would not stall. She said it sounded like the battery was dying or she was out of gas. She kept the rpm's up at every other light she stopped at, and finally pulled over a couple miles later, at a motorcycle shop to have things looked at.
She said she put the bike on its side stand and it was idling fine. She looked at the gas gauge and it was reading low. She had just filled the gas tank recently. She knew this was a false reading. She said she was puzzled. (What?) - Then the bike died. Stalled - While parked and idling in neutral on its side stand.
She took the key out of the ignition and opened the gas tank. No sound of vacuum. Closed the tank. Put the key back in the ignition. Looked at the gas gauge and it read almost full, now. She started the bike. Rode to her appointment and the bike didn't act up again, so far. The service rep told her that a batch of bad gas has been causing all sorts of vehicles the same problem. Cars included and sold her some fuel injector cleaner to add to her gas. - More later

Update: 12/11/2012
The 2013 F800GS made a burping noise tonight. Sounded like a strange noise from the tank. No loss of power. After being told this I asked my friend to stop and we investigated. I opened the tank with the key on the 2013 F800GS and it whistled air. I opened my tank on my 2011 F800GS and there was no noise what so ever. We both filled up at the same pump at the same petrol station. Hmmm?
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