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Originally Posted by speedmaster View Post

Wouldn’t a KTM Adventurer or BMW GS be better for long distance touring?
I ride my DR650 with 17” wheels more than any other bike I’ve owned. Usage of a particular motorcycle depends on geographical location and rider preference more than anything else. I wouldn’t trade my current set up for anything else (except maybe a sumo’ed KTM 690) . I think there will always be a place for supermoto type bikes, but I’ll agree it will never be a huge part of the overall motorcycle market.
As far as the fad goes there still seems to be a lot of ex-sportbike riders switching to supermoto, maybe a sign of the economy?
I agree, lots of sport bike guys coming over to SUMO bikes. A good thing.
You don't need to go 150 mph on the street to have fun.

Both KTM and GS are great ... but pretty expensive (even used) and maintenance intensive. On the road both are better/faster/smoother than my DR650. A talented mechanic can keep them going but most need dealer help to solve things like ABS or CANbus fault codes of the BMW.

I've got about $3500 into my DR650 ... and it hasn't cost a dime beyond tires, oil, chain/sprockets ... and it's never left me stranded. Off road it crashes a HELL OF A LOT better than any plastic clad KTM or GS or fancy SUMO bike. So cheaper there too.

If you crash riding alone in the Desert, its nice to have a bike that you know will keep going and not sustain much damage. Don't want to end up like the bleached bones in this pic (Baja). Both the KTM and GS can do OK on mild off road. But fully loaded can be a handful in deep sand or more technical rocky/steep going.
Anyone ever ridden a SUMO in deep sand? Somehow those 17" tires just don't work!

The DR650, once set up, does pretty well. A SUMO version could do OK but I might be a bit nervous about the 17" sport bike wheels getting dinged or cracked.
I've ridden the DR650 through Baja many times. It's set up as a RTW bike ... just haven't found the time/money to actually DO a RTW trip.
Only made it to Guatemala so far, out to Colorado and back and another trip out to Moab. No trucks or trailers, I rode there ... and back. Near 50,000 miles now.

Sumo's are perfect for weekend day riders who want to get out and rip up the back roads. Nothing better ... and safer and really more fun than a 150 HP sport bike.
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