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Originally Posted by jzeiler View Post
It would be I don't appear to have a high enough odometer count to post photo attachments (or at least I haven't figured it out yet). But I found this :

Just carry through to step 5 pull the hose and the little white block where the hose is and put it back together. This will allow you spark with impunity and create no flame. Look at the other end - it should be round with little tabs bent inward. Bend them out with some small pliers. You are now ready to zap the strip.

If you do it on bike (use a full tank just to be safe as the strip is completely submerged when the tank is full) just unplug the cable with the four wires from the fuel flange. The sensor pins are female in that connector and male on the fuel flange. Stick the end of the lighter in the center of the fuel flange connector ( make sure you don't have a fuel leak ). And pull the trigger a few times. Hook the connector back up and start the bike. You should see a fuel level reading within a minute or two.

If you do it off bike the stip has a femal connector and you should find some pins to stick in the two center holes (small sraight pins will work) the place the tip of the lighter over the pins and pull away. If you have a meter you can check to see if you were successful before you re-install the strip. Just measue the resitance on those two pins and you should see about 2.7 k ohms. If not zap again.
I too would like to see a pic of exactly the lighter is hooked up to the strip.

You don't post pics as attachments on this site no matter what your "mileage" is . You use a free file sharing host like You upload your pic to the "image host" and then copy and paste the image code from the host to your post here. Fast easy and no cost.
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