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Yeah, but Vikings fans know their team sucks, with spurts of almost. Raiders fans have not come to that realization about their existing team.
How many Raiders fans do you know? Hang out in a lot of Raiders forums?

Trust me. Raiders fans know our team sucks. However, we have faith in the future. We have a good GM. We have a young coach that is still developing but has shown some real skill this season.

We also have a significant amount of dead cap space this year that kept them from building any depth. That creates problems whenever there is any injury. There have been a lot of injuries this season and no depth. At all. 2013 has additional huge salary commitments. The Raiders are clearing cap space for their coming out party in 2014. The forums I am on all seem to acknowledge this. Of course there are the blind morons but every team has those. I mean, just look at Vanderbilt fans in the SEC. They actually think they are part of the SEC.

Don't get all snooty. The Broncos are a Manning post season overthink and a Von Miller injury away from being the Cleveland Browns.
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