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One additional thought just occurred to me...

Make sure there is no arc-over at lamp strike from the burner wire on the lamp to the metal mounting plate in the headlight housing. Some have removed metal with a small grinder to provide extra clearance where the burner wire/lamp goes through the plate. Yes, I know, there is an insulator on the burner wire. Inspect it anyway. There have been incidents of this arc-over occurring. If it persists, the ballast or igniter will be damaged.

Remember, at strike, the lamps receives ~ 20,000 volts to jolt things to life. That high voltage can fly all over the place if there is any dirt or moisture present.

Careful, if you get hit with the high voltage yer gonna..........
............remember the first time you grabbed a spark plug wire with the engine running? You'll be sorta like a mini tazer...

"Don't taze me bro"
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