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I think that when you talk a big game, and then start the trash talk, people tend to be more apt to hold your feet to the fire and expect you to make good on your own crap. I suppose that juvenile behavior begets juvenile treatment. I've seen TONS of project threads, and in most all of them, people are supportive, helpful, and understanding when and if things don't go as planned. But then again, in most all of those threads the OPers tends to act more like an adult seeking help rather than a child tooting their own horns and talking crap. It's more the demeanor of the OP than anything that makes some, myself included, sorta want to see him at least eat a little crow. If that makes us childish, then so be it.

With that said, in reality, I do hope that he is eventually successful at getting this bike back on the road. But with the money and time that he has invested, and the lengthy delay in getting it completed, I don't think it was quite as quick and easy of a restoration as he originally believed. I still say that anyone with experience with restoring things of questionable function knows to start getting it mechanically sound first, and THEN make it pretty. Then again since he has chosen this as his vocation, and judging from his demeanor I'm guessing he's young and inexperienced, perhaps this has served as a valuable lesson for him at the very least.

Good luck to moosemeat with this and future projects.

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