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Will you adopt me?

I know I'm not a Western NC person, but I have met one of you and hope to ride with you guys sometime in the future. I rode my new to me DR for the first time today and I had to post somewhere.

I've had the DR since late October, but she needed a few things cleaned up, repaired, and adjusted. Took her out for my first real ride today. We covered about 60 miles of country road with a little city thrown in at the end.

I set out early this morning, but when I accelerated with a little vim, she cut out and in. Great, new bike and I've already got problems. I turned back towards home and tried to reproduce the cut out. Then I remembered the tip about bypassing the kickstand switch. I put my foot down by the kickstand and gave it a lift. No more cut out. I pulled into the driveway and got out the tools, I removed the switch, cut the wires, spliced them together with butt connector and tucked the loose wires away with a zip tie.

I started out again, heading northward from my home towards a few of my favorite quiet roads. Being the first ride on the DR, I didn't want to worry about traffic etc. as I settled in to the new bike.

We swung by a local lake and then headed downtown.

As with any bike, there are new sounds to worry about and little quirks that are different from my Nighthawk, but after an hour, I think I was feeling a little more confidence. I enjoyed the first ride.

Observations are:
  • I think I'll get the 14 tooth sprocket.
    The lowering was successful, but my mounting and dismounting is still an ugly sight.
    That engine makes a lot of washing machine sounds. (add to worry list)
    I like the light weight (as compared to the Nighthawk) and she handles fine.
    The Seat Concepts install is a success.
    Need to get a windshield and reconfigure a dash.

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