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How to deal with crates after arrival

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Because I eventually want to do the same thing, I'm taking notes and I have a question: where will you store your crate once in Santiago. Or will you dispose of it since you won't need it on the slow boat for shipping the bikes home? Thanks! Lion.
That is certainly an issue we wrestled with for a while and I think we got got lucky in how we've resolved it. Because we are doing "slow boat" shipping to return home, also out of Santiago, I have been talking to the shippers for that part of the trip and learned that when it's time to ship home there's a guy and a warehouse in Santiago where we will drop off our bikes for return shipping at the end of the trip. I called that guy and asked him if he would a) Be with us through customs--just in case it helps to have a Chilean national present. b) bring us gas for our bikes c) bring a truck to cart away our crates and d) in our case, store our crates for us and ship them home on the container with our bikes. We don't need the bikes to be in crates when on the boat, but we spent a fair bit of money on materials to build crates and a lot of time to build them. We'd like to have them back if possible.

Hopefully this solution works well for us.

Our flight departs on 22 hours -- we will soon know.
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